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Home Improvement Tip: How To Re-Grout And Caulk Bathroom Tiles

By LasVegasShortSales

Over time, the grout in a shower can become dirty and discolored, and start to separate from its grout lines. This is a potentially dangerous condition for a home because broken grout lines allow water to seep into the walls, which can then lead to the growth of mold spores.

Fortunately, keeping your grout in tip-top shape is simple.

In this 2-minute video, you’ll learn how to clean the existing grout in your shower and to prepare for a new coating. You’ll also learn how to replace its caulk.

The video’s tips include:

  • Why you should remove excess grout diagonally with a sponge
  • How to protect your tub from damage while the re-grout is in process
  • Choosing the right caulk for the job

The North American Tile Cleaning Association also offers helpful grout-cleaning advice. Visit their website at http://www.tilecleaning.org.

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