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Archive for December, 2010

Catherine Cortez Masto, the attorney general of Nevada filed a lawsuit against  Bank of America accusing it of engaging in “widespread fraud” by misleading customers with “false promises“.  “Bank of America’s callous disregard for providing timely, correct information to people in ther time of need is truly egregious” stated Ms. Masto.

Former employees said that Bank of America’s modification staff was “chaotic, understaffed and not oriented to customers”, according to a news release. One former employee said, “The main pupose of the training is to teach us how to get customers off the phone in less than 10 minutes”. Another employee said, “When checking on a borrower’s status, I often found that the modification request had not been dealt with or was so old that the request had become inactive. Yet, I was instructed to inform borrowers that they were  ”active and in status”. One time I complained to a supervisor that I felt I was always lying to borrowers”

Will this debacle with their loan modifications allow more short sale approvals from Bank of America-one can only surmise that the continued build up of customers who cannot make their payments will only bring more pressure on a already overtaxed system.

Kathryn Bovard is experienced with the often lengthy and sometimes stressful Las Vegas short sale process.   If you are contemplating a Las Vegas short sale, she can assist and navigate you through the entire process. Call Kathryn direct at 702-348-7191 to schedule a short sale consultation today.

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I recently met with a client who owns a home in Las Vegas and they asked me if they should short sell their home or just go ahead and let the bank foreclose. The husband had just recently lost his job and they could not afford to pay their monthly bills on top of the mortgage payment.

Deciding on doing a short sale or just throwing up your hands and letting the  bank foreclose should be  based on you deciding on what is in your best interest.

A few of the advantages of a short sale are:

1. Shorter time frame usually 2 to 6 months to close that allows you to get on with your life.

2. You are in control in determining who the buyer is and what the sale price will be.

3. Avoiding the stigma of “foreclosure”.

4. Usually less negative credit impact than a foreclosure.

An experienced short sell real estate agent can fully explain each step of the process and familiarize you with all of the required forms before you make your decision. At the end of your first meeting, you should know exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of a short sale vs a foreclosure. In the Las Vegas short sale market, we are seeing more accepted short sale from banks than ever before and a greatly reduced time frame, anywhere from 30 to 4 months.  

If you are a Las Vegas area homeowner facing a possible foreclosure and wanting to learn more about your options – including a Las Vegas short sale, contact us today for a no obligation short sale consultation.

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