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Now Is a Great Time to Buy a Home in Las Vegas

By Kathryn Bovard

The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors reported that cash buyers made up 51% of all Las Vegas homes purchased in January, a first ever for Las Vegas. And this number will only be increasing due to Las Vegas’ emergence as one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation. But what is so exciting is who these cash buyers are that purchased more than half of existing home sales.  Most of them are, in fact, investors who will keep buying homes in cash as long as lending standards remain tight, prices remain at bargain levels and the availability of lower-priced, bank-owned homes is plentiful.

Paul Bell, president of the Realtors association, was recently quoted in Hubble Smith’s article in The Las Vegas Review Journal as saying, “I’d say we’re fortunate to have these buyers in our community. These smart-money buyers are voting with their pocketbooks on the future of our local housing market. It shows domestic and worldwide interest in real estate here because we’re seeing many international investors buying property here at an amazing rate.” Basically what this increasing percentage of investors as buyers tells us is that they obviously think our market is undervalued and see potential for growth. And this could translate into a wonderful opportunity to seize the market by buying a home now before the growth spurt that investors are predicting. Although many investors are buying deteriorating homes to renovate and then rent or sell them at a profit, a buyer in this market has other options too.

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