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How a Floor Plan Might Affect Las Vegas Short Sales

By LasVegasShortSales

Having trouble short selling your Las Vegas home? It might be your couch. Yep. It looks like something from grandma’s. Really though, in this fiercely competitive market with more homes on the market than buyers, you may already know that things like getting rid of the clutter and having professional photographs taken may help your home sell. But there may be something else you can do, too.

In a recent article in the New York Times, Diane Cardwell claims that providing a floor plan might be an equally important component when putting your home on the market. Because we all don’t have the same taste in furniture and color palettes, a floor plan can provide a more neutral backdrop for the buyer to access. By looking at a floor plan potential buyers can better see each room in relation to another as well as imagine their own furnishings inside.

Some sellers are even hiring floor plan artists to create aesthetically better versions of the floor plans of their homes. Jettisoning blurred or incomplete lines and illegible hand writing, a floor plan artist takes measurements of your home but also has the skills of a graphic designer, making sure the floor plan translates into a clear picture on the web. A buyer may want to know things like exactly where the plumbing is in a home so they could add an extra bathroom. By adding fixtures like toilets, sinks, and bathtubs to the floor plan, a buyer could do just that. A floor plan artist can also estimate the thickness of the walls on the floor plan by making some lines thicker and others thinner. Windows, columns, or anything else that cuts into the space of the home can also be marked on the floor plan.

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